Silkworm Rattikon Khunsom

Silkworm Rattikon Khunsom

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'The crown changes lives'
Silk thread – Rattikon Khunsom
 Miss Grand Thailand 2015 

The saying that… “Beauty is a card for life” can be used well with Por Mai – Rattikorn Khunsom, a young woman with dark facial features and tanned skin typical of Southerners. that she is from Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, from an ordinary child who has to work and pay for herself, studying diligently since childhood With a home position that is not comfortable

When she found out that the Miss Grand stage was an opportunity that could change her life. Silk is not slow to take care of her beauty and develop her personality. Before carrying full confidence, he stepped onto the stage of the 'Miss Grand Thailand 2015' contest and successfully won the crown. Plus, along with another special prize for the media photographer's favorite and also representing Thailand in the 'Miss Grand International 2015' beauty contest with beautiful women from around the world as well.


Everything that made Por Mai dare to follow his dreams until he succeeded. The results she received literally changed her life. from a voice of pride Por Mai conveys her story that…

“Previously, Por Mai had never competed in any beauty pageant before. In addition to the 'Thai Supermodel Contest' modeling stage, Por Mai was one of the last 10 people.”


What made Por Mai decide to enter the Miss Grand contest? Because I believe that this stage gives everyone equal opportunities. Por Mai was very determined before entering the contest. Get ready to train yourself for everything. During the contest, I practiced hard on my poses and model walks. …From the day that the result was announced that he got the position, it was a day that really changed his life. The life of hemp got better. Receiving prizes from the contest Makes Por Mai able to complete her studies without having to have difficulty earning money like before, having a job, salary, money to spend without need And can also be the pillar of the family. able to take care of mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers and children as well

In addition, Silk has also done many social contribution activities together with fellow beauty queens. Por Mai thinks that if he hadn't been standing here, he probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to help others like this. Because before, just being alone, taking care of yourself was still difficult.

Throughout the 1 year period of being in the position Por Mai has learned many things. Has opened a lot of new horizons. If that day Po Mai did not dare to apply for Miss Grand or not devote herself to the contest Silk may not be today. Por Mai graduated with a bachelor's degree Industrial Physics and Medical Equipment Faculty of Applied Sciences at King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok If he didn't compete in the Miss Grand contest now, he might be working in an industrial factory somewhere.

Nowadays, he is proud and very happy. And the fact that the silk threads are here gives the silk threads inspiration and courage to step up to the next level byPor Mai's next goalis to be an actor Por Mai is now studying acting and doing her best to make her next dream come true.


What he learned and wanted to leave is A beautiful person or a person with a good personality tends to have more opportunities. Because of nature, people look at people who are beautiful and look good first. Beauty is therefore one of the important cards in life. Beauty care is therefore important.

For example, hemp In the past, beauty was not very outstanding. But enough to work and save their own money. Silkworms take care of themselves. Take care of the shape to firm the firm. Take care of your facial skin without acne. Take care of your skin to be smooth and clear. which doesn't have to be white Silk hemp also has dark skin, can be beautiful as a tan.

Por Mai believes that beauty can really be extended. Especially if someone who already has talent plus beauty. There will be more opportunities in life. And most importantly, when you have a dream have a goal Don't wait to change or improve yourself. to follow my dreams.”


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