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9 signs that people are getting old, women aged 30+ listen to this way

9 aging signs for women aged 30+

The increase in age numbers from 30+ is a slanderous thing for young women. Many people do not want to mention I want to let my age be just a number. But don't be complacent because the older you get. The more you have to take care of yourself than before. because the body sends out aging signals To say that the skin deteriorates and gets older every day, you need to take care of yourself quickly. which signs of aging that will become more and more evident When the age touches the number 30+ are as follows

 dry skin

Normally, after the age of 25, our skin condition will not be the same. For those with dry skin, wrinkles appear before those with oily skin. because there is no oil to nourish the skin But at the age of 30, people with oily skin will start to get dry as well. And if you don't take care of yourself, wrinkles will take over the skin area.

 Can't make up

Then when the skin is dry, the girls People who like to wear makeup will rarely wear makeup. makeup is easy to fall off or makeup is not the same texture as the skin even if it is a makeup that has always been used


Aging will counteract the direction of the eyelids, eyelids and eyebrows because these organs will begin to fall under the gravity of the earth. The more people who have a lot of eyelid tissue, the more clearly that the eyelids droop. therefore girls Must pay attention to the delicate skin of the eyes from today.

 The skin sags until the nasolabial folds form.

When I was young, my smile brightened the world. But as you grow to number 3, Earth's gravity will take its toll no matter where you are. or give away smiles You can see that the cheeks are starting to sag more and more. until a deep cheek groove which is a warning sign of aging

 large pores

After the age of 25, the production of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases. resulting in inelastic skin Enlarged pores will stay the same, not shrink in size. Makes the surface uneven and rough. which is associated with looking older

 have wattle

from a clear, dimensional face Beautiful face frame But as the age increases, the wattle will gradually descend, which is not only due to obesity alone that causes wattle. But aging is also the source of wattle. And the more you leave it, the more wattles will be.

 dark spots

As the age increases from clear skin without traces, dark spots will creep in. Slightly polluted by the sun The skin will have traces and it's difficult to recover. Prevention and care of the skin is therefore the most important thing. Before the dark spots will escalate until it is difficult to fix.

 dull skin easily

If now, when I wake up, I feel that from the clear skin Turned into a dull skin and then… that's it. It's another sign that you're getting old and if any young lady tries to use a helper such as good makeup to cover up the dullness of the skin, it can be done. But in the afternoon Darkness will come to haunt again. Because in fact, skin problems must be regularly taken care of and maintained from the inside out. to cope with the aging effects effectively

 Crow's feet appear when smiling

Many people say that crow's feet are a sign of experience. But at the same time, the more the skin has crow's feet, the more it indicates that our skin is aging. Before crow's feet take over the full kingdom of the skin.

When receiving any one of the 9 signals above Along with the age touching the number 3 if the girls desire to look younger Must focus on taking care of yourself intensively. whether by eating nutritious food, exercising, and getting enough rest avoid stress Along with skin care with nourishing cream. along with consulting doctors and beauty institutes Which contributes to the preservation of the youthfulness of the skin to me.

The design of the treatment depends on the physician's assessment and individual skin problems. Can consult a doctor and evaluate the treatment for free! at Pongsak Clinic, every branch or via online channels

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