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Vitamin C (Vitamin C) and the Covid-19 virus

During the current outbreak of the Covid-19 virus In addition to taking vitamin C supplements, it is good for the skin. Make your skin beautiful, clear, glowing, look healthy. It also helps to strengthen the body's immune system and has an armor to prevent illness as well, whichTaking vitamin C to strengthen the body's immunity and nourish the skin comes from 2 main sources, which are natural sources of vitamin C. and in dietary supplements

 Natural source of vitamin C 

Natural sources of vitamin C are found in citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, mangoes, tamarinds, guava, etc., but most of the time, eating vitamin C from fruits for the body often does not benefit fully. Because when it is in the form of food that enters the stomach through the digestion process, the absorption can be limited and inadequate. Or some people do not like to eat citrus fruits. Vitamin C in the form of dietary supplements can help supplement.

 Source of Vitamin C in Dietary Supplements 

Taking dietary supplements to nourish the body or replace nutrients that the body receives insufficiently For people in modern times it is normal. One of the most popular vitamins is 'Vitamin C' which has many benefits to the body, such as anti-cold, helps strengthen immunity Protect the cells in the body, take care of the skin, etc. There are many brands and types of vitamin C in the market, including:

 Types of Vitamin C 

1 – Tablets Vitamin C : The most common, easy to carry and can be stored for a long time.

2 – Vitamin C drink powder : For those who do not like tablets Easy to eat like juice

3 – Vitamin C jelly/chewable tablets : Suitable for children to prevent vitamin C deficiency. There is a lot of sugar, beware of tooth decay.

4 – Vitamin C Lollipop : Convenient, but if you eat often Be careful of acids that will damage the enamel.

5 – Water-soluble vitamin C effervescent tablets : Popular with people who have problems with absorption of nutrients.

6 – Vitamin C Solution : straight into the body but only to be used by a doctor or nurse

7 – Vitamin C Capsules : Available in both 500 and 1,000 milligram sizes, easy to swallow, comfortable in the throat, gradually absorbed

Out of the 7 types of vitamin C mentioned above, today we would like to introduce the 7th type 'Vitamin C Capsule, 10 Hour Formula' that is rich in benefits of Pongsak Clinic. This is an innovative Sustained Release Capsule that contains small granules. make the body gradually Absorbed for up to 10 hours per tablet, thus helping to protect and take care of and strengthen the body's immune system effectively When taken just 2 tablets a day, it can protect the body for up to 20 hours, or almost the entire day. Different from general vitamin C and other capsules that can be absorbed into the body for only 2 hours

 Outstanding Benefits 

To the body: good health, boosting immunity

 Helps prevent viral and bacterial infections.

 Strengthen the immune system to make the body strong.

 Reduce colds up to 45%

 Faster recovery from colds 60%

 Alleviate allergy symptoms

To the skin: beautiful skin, stimulate collagen.

 Helps to inhibit cell destruction of free radicals

 Stimulate collagen for bright, healthy skin.

 The face and skin are beautiful and radiant naturally.

At this time, it's best to avoid getting sick and not having to go to the hospital. By strengthening the immune system to make yourself strong. With vitamin C in capsule form, 10-hour formula, which is like a health guard. Don't forget to eat regularly. Taking care of yourself from the inside out is the most important thing in this situation.

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