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3 advantages of a woman with a long neck – Pongsak Clinic

if talking about 'beauty' For women, we will focus only on the facial features such as protruding forehead, sharp eyes, prominent nose, beautiful smile, and white and clear skin. Tell me it's not enough Because confidence doesn't end in the face. To look good, there are other parts. That should not be overlooked as well

that is range 'Long neck' Which is a part that promotes beauty to make women look outstanding, graceful like a queen and more Feminine, which is different from having a big neck, short neck, which is more masculine A woman with a long neck has three advantages:

 - fully dress up in fashion

that a young woman has a long neck Makes it possible to wear a variety of clothes. There is no restriction or having to hide the dress to make the neckline look long. But able to dress according to fashion in every style, every style, whether wearing turtlenecks, sleeveless shirts or off-the-shoulder tops, they are confident. In addition, when wearing accessories such as necklaces or different types of earrings, it looks good because the neckline matches perfectly with the dress.

 – Beautiful, sexy, graceful personality

The long neck also encourages women to look sexy and charming in every position. and is beautiful and graceful like a queen It also helps to look good as a model's personality. Observed from the fashion industry or on the catwalk stage. Models often have long necks. along with the proportions of the face, neck and shoulder slopes are proportional makes no matter which collection of clothes to wear Any brand can handle all eyes.

 – Take a selfie and look good

The long neckline makes the face look airy and dimensional. When taking a close-up photo or selfie, the face will not be flared or hung. The photos taken look good. When the neck looks small, it also makes the neck look unnecessarily short or manly.

From all 3 items mentioned, the girls probably already know that having a long neck has a great advantage But those whose necks are not long may be worried about what to do to have a long neck. There is a way to exercise Or what techniques can help make the neck smaller?

Based on this question, the medical profession considers the beauty of women. and figured out a way out We can have a long neck with a technique called 'X-Beauty' which is a new beauty innovation that uses Botulinum Toxin from Germany or 'German Bo' To help increase confidence for women in particular. which position is treated with X Beauty There are 3 areas:

X Beauty 1 – Face Frame
X Beauty 2 – front and behind the ear
X Beauty 3 – neck to shoulder

after treatment X-Beauty It will change a manly woman with a short neck, unattractive shoulders, and have a slender face, elegant shoulders, and a younger look in your own way within 7 days.

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