Mother and wife dissolve fat with cold

Which one do you think the 'mother' and 'wife' roles are more important? Coolsculpting Understand the heart of a mother

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In your opinion, between the roles of 'mother' and 'wife', which role is more important? Try answering this question in your mind first. Then find the answer from reading the following article.

When agreeing to live as a couple and enter the wedding door For a woman, the role that was immediately given was The role of being a 'wife' who are responsible for taking care of their husbands, taking care of the house, and some people work outside the home as well and have some time to take care of yourself But when a gold chain was born The role of being a 'mother' follows...

role of mother is the great sacrifice of a woman's life While the mother herself has changed both physically and mentally. During pregnancy, women may not look as beautiful as before, their faces may be shabby, with lots of acne, dull skin, and enlarged abdomen. Including weight gain of tens of kilograms This may result in stretched abdominal skin. Even many people were completely broken.

Mothers who have given birth to their bodies are not the same. Even if I secretly felt some shock or depressed when I saw my own body Maybe trying to control diet and exercise. But the accumulated fat that was added from the pregnancy is still there. Some people are even stressed out, thinking that they will never be able to get back in shape. Or feel so hated about your body shape that you don't want to stand in front of a mirror? Because it became a woman with a striped belly and a hanging belly, some people were disappointed and lacked self-confidence. also suspected that her husband would cheat on someone else because I'm not the same and reduce the duty of estranged wives and husbands to devote time to raising children until their appearance deteriorates

It is not strange that these things happen to mothers. But I want all mothers to change their perspective that… Even with children, every role is still important, whether it's the role of 'wife', 'mother' or 'taking care of yourself'. That's the answer to the question which chapter is important. The answer is 'Every role is important'

Even with children, a mother can create happiness for life at the same time. by allocating time correctly for every role When taking care of children, there must be periods when spending time alone with the husband, such as going out to eat or going to the movies for a walk together. As for taking care of yourself, it should not be neglected. Have personal time to exercise, take care of your skin, make up, dress up, cut your hair to look bright. To maintain charm and self-esteem as well When the husband looked at him, he felt comfortable. Because by nature, human beings are all fond of beautiful and beautiful things together.

while confidence in body shape or fat accumulated from pregnancy I can't take it out. I feel discouraged and lose my confidence. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape is not easy. Exercise and diet. Abdominal fat has not gone down.

Pongsak Clinic understands the hearts of mothers and has a solution to this problem. by bringing technology Coolsculpting which is the breakdown of fat by cold Get rid of the accumulated fat around your mother's abdomen. Including combining with special techniques designed specifically by Pongsak Clinic Make mothers who have gone through pregnancy return to good shape, have confidence and come back to love themselves again.

mother and wife is the important role of women But when being a mother and a wife We are still able to take care of ourselves together. Be a bright, young and happy mother, starting with the right allocation of time for each role. Also, don't forget to take care of your own body and mind along with it. That's all, all mothers will be happy in every aspect. It's a fresh and bright front of the house. Along with being a strong back of the house to take care of her husband and raising children to grow up healthy

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