IV Booster

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IV Booster

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IV Booster
Weak skin needs nourishment. 'For beautiful and healthy skin' Pongsak Clinic is ready to answer your questions with 6 IV Booster vitamins.

Result : 6 IV Booster skin vitamins, you can choose by yourself.
🍊 Booster C nourishes the skin to be strong and healthy.
🌈 Booster White, clear skin, smooth, consistent
✨ Booster Perfect Vitamin nourishes the skin to be smooth and clear.
⭐ Booster Magic skin nourishing vitamins
🥑 Booster Combo Vitamin set to nourish the skin to be smooth, clear, healthy.
🧬 Booster NAD+ restores cells, slows down aging, nourishes the brain

If interested, click the Line button and type the word “ IV Booster ”.

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Booster C for healthy and strong skin, Booster White for clear and smooth skin, Booster Perfect for skin care vitamins, Booster Magic for skin care vitamins, Booster Combo for skin care vitamins for smooth and clear skin, Booster NAD+ for cell regeneration and anti-aging care. brain