How many shots of Ultherapy for the whole face is good? To see clear results, how much Ulthera should be done to see clear results?

Ultherapy, the newest lifting technique with US-FDA standards, continues to be a popular lifting innovation. Because the results are clearly visible after doing it immediately. But frequently asked questions aside from How much does Ultherapy cost? It would probably be Ulthera. How do you count the lines? How many shots of Ulthera all over the face? Today I will bring everyone to find the answer.

Lifting the face with Ulthera involves using high-frequency sound waves (Focused Ultrasound) shot beneath the skin at the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) level. The sound waves create heat and stimulate contraction. The SMAS muscle causes the facial skin to be lifted and tightened. Many people therefore refer to it as another way to slow down aging with clear results.

Each person's Ultherapy procedure uses a different number of lines. It depends on each person's skin condition. Area you want to do Treatment goals and the evaluation of the treating doctor, such as

  • People who have problems with wrinkles around the eyes, bags under the eyes, and want to lift the corners of the eyes and lift the eyebrows, we recommend doing Ulthera 100 - 200 lines.
  • People who have problems with sagging cheeks Have wrinkles on the cheeks There is a double chin under the chin. Recommended Ulthera treatment starts at 300 - 600 lines.

and those who want to do Ulthera all over their face In the areas of the cheeks, corners of the mouth, under the eyes, facial skin, face frame, double chin, and neck, use approximately 700 lines.

Lifting and tightening with Ulthera for those aged 25 years and over. Recommended great value promotions.promotionFor you during every festival If you are interested in Ultherapy, consult your doctor carefully before making a decision. At Phongsak Clinic We are ready to give free consultation. To choose a treatment approach that is appropriate for your needs and skin condition.

  • Helps reduce sagging skin
  • reduce wrinkles
  • Helps make the skin smooth.
  • lift and tighten the skin
  • The results are clearly seen.
  • Results last 1-1.5 years.
  • no surgery no recovery
  • Safe, certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Contraindications after ultherapy

After Ulthera There are no special contraindications as there is no recovery time required. able to live a normal life You can put on makeup. There are a few suggestions. To make Ulthera even more effective

  • Refrain from using AHA and BHA skin care products for 1 week as these skin care products may irritate the skin.
  • Refrain from facial spa treatments or laser treatments for 1-2 weeks as they may cause skin inflammation.
  • Avoid exposure to heat or strong sunlight for 4-5 days as this may cause skin burns.
  • Refrain from eating fermented foods for 1-2 days as they may irritate the skin.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol for 2-3 days as it may cause skin inflammation.

If you have any unusual symptoms after Ultherapy, such as swelling, redness, pain, or bruising, you should consult your doctor immediately.

The Ultherapy treatment takes approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the area being treated. The area that takes the longest to do is the entire face. This takes approximately 45-60 minutes. Other areas such as the eye area It takes about 30 minutes.

The results of Ultherapy can be seen from the first time you do it. You will see changes in the skin tightening around 20%. Then the results will gradually improve that the skin is firmer in 1-3 months and the most obvious results will be seen in 3 months. The results can last for 1 month. -1.5 years

Of course, choosing how many shots of Ultherapy to do all over your face will give you the expected results. along with being safe and using genuine Ulthera machines (9 landmarks of the authentic Ultherapy machine) at Pongsak Clinic There are doctors who are specialized in beauty. Ready to give advice and keep you safe. or ask for more details click 

How many points of Ultherapy is good?

In making Ulthera How to calculate how much to do? It is necessary for an expert doctor to evaluate the patient's skin condition and plan a course of treatment. For those aged 25+, Line is recommended at 350 Line, and for those aged 30+, Line is recommended at 700 Line.

How many shots of Ulthera will you see results? 

To do Ulthera all over the face, approximately 300-500 lines will be enough. However, this depends on the evaluation and treatment plan by an expert doctor.

How many times per year should Ultherapy be done?

Ultherapy should be done once a year. This is because the results will last for approximately 1-1.5 years, depending on each individual's skin care condition.

How does Ultraformer count shots?

Ultherapy counts lines as number of points. One point is called 1 line, and each point consists of 15-25 high-frequency sound waves arranged in a row about 2.5 centimeters long.

How many lines of Ultherapy is best to use?

Mainly, it depends on the patient's skin condition. What areas do you have problems with sagging skin? The doctor will then assess the skin condition to determine the line that is most suitable for the patient.