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Over 60,000,000 million baht at Pongsak Clinic invested in medical equipment to bring the best innovation 'Skin tightening' and take care of you to look better. Let's see what's there?

Advances in medical science continue to advance. Just like Pongsak Clinic, we never stop selecting the best innovations to take care of all our customers. We have invested over 60+ million baht in equipment. Including bringing advances in beauty care and maintaining youth in the clinic continuously There is a team of skilled doctors and staff ready to take care of you. confirm with reward Lifting First place for 5 consecutive years

world-class beauty tools and innovations, or Gold Standard standard US-FDA At Pongsak Clinic, the investment has been brought to take care of you. to update trends for taking care of yourself, skin and shape, including

 Thermage FLX 

Thermage as a tool tighten skin from USA that Pongsak Clinic brought in to provide service from the machine model Thermage CPT Then, when developing the latest version of the machine Thermage FLX Pongsak Clinic is the first in Thailand that has been selected to be imported Which has been very well received by customers. Because there are many advantages, including more results see results faster Less pain or no pain at all And has a real-time processing screen, making it possible to see the treatment clearly in a shot-by-shot style, plus the medical team at Pongsak Clinic who have long experience in thermage treatment Make customers extremely satisfied with the results.

Due to the excellent response, Pongsak Clinic brought in the new Thermage FLX device. Ready to organize a promotion to celebrate the new device In May 2022, to return value to all customers.

For more information about Thermage FLX, click! >> Treatment Thermage FLX

 Ulthera SPT 

Ulthera It is a skin tightening tool. from USA Originally, Pongsak Clinic provided services. Ulthera and Ulthera for Men There are customers, both men and women aged from 30+ who have sagging skin problems. unclear face frame There is a double chin under the chin from increasing age. or want to see children come down to use the service After treatment, customers are satisfied with the results and come to take care of themselves continuously every year. With this good response and support, Pongsak Clinic received the award for skin lifting from Ulthera Thailand for the 4th consecutive year.

Currently, Pongsak Clinic provides services. Ulthera SPT which is a skin tightening technique in your own way Provides better skin lifting results Because it designs the treatment according to your skin problem and delivers the results that best suit you. It is only comparable to measuring your own tailor-made fit.

For more information about Ulthera SPT, click! >> Treatment Ulthera SPT


action slimming Reduce body shape and sculpt your dream body with this machine. Coolsculpting Working to kill fat cells with cold causing the fat to be killed and then die and not come back again It is a tool that Pongsak Clinic also imported from the United States. Suitable for customers who want to reduce the excess to be smaller, such as upper arm reduction thigh reduction Reduce the inside legs, reduce the hips, reduce the rubber ring around the waist. Reduce stubborn fat accumulated on the abdomen both upper abdomen central abdomen and the lower abdomen, which is known as the most difficult point to lose weight whether to control food Or exercising is very difficult to disappear, which Coolsculpting can help, and customers who have done it love the results.

Interested in information about Coolsculpting Click! >> Treatment Coolsculpting

In addition to medical equipment, Pongsak also pays attention to the selection of drugs and vitamins to take care of your beauty as well. by bringing new drugs that always provide good and safe results, such as


Botox or Botulinum Toxin It is like a common home remedy in the beauty industry. because it can be used by all genders and ages in helping reduce wrinkles jaw reduction and face shape adjustment To be slender and beautiful at Pongsak Clinic, there are both Bo America korean bo and the latest has been imported Pure Toxin german bo which is a Bo that is outstanding for its high purity low risk of stubborn bo Because it is produced with a special technique, the drug is a small molecule. It's suitable for the new generation who want to fill up. But the face is not stiff, not tight, not risky, stubborn. can be used for a long time No matter how many times you fill it, you will be confident. Including seeing results quickly as well

Interested in information about Pure Toxin, click! >> Treatment Pure Toxin


filler is filler skin that adds plumpness to the skin There are both soft and hard types for enhancing the facial structure that lacks filling to look more beautiful and fuller. But Pongsak Clinic is not just that. When the beauty industry and fashion trends pay attention to the shape of the lips that are beautiful and outstanding. Pongsak Clinic therefore imported Filler KYSSE which is an innovative filler designed specifically for beautiful lips Customers can choose the right lip shape by themselves. both slender, beautiful lips with a classic shape Korean cute lips or slender, sexy lips You can choose by yourself. To make your lips healthy, attractive to the eye, and soft and kissable than ever.

Interested in information about Filler KYSSE, click! >> Treatment Filler KYSSE

 The latest! NAD+ Cell Therapy 

NAD Plus Cell Therapy is a great advancement in the field of medicine anti-aging medicine ( Anti-Aging ) because it is a vitamin that helps slow down aging and rejuvenate our bodies at the cellular level. Let the body come back refreshed and rejuvenated. relieve fatigue Nourish the brain to return to work smoothly. The body has better performance. Prevent and reduce the risk of diseases caused by aging.

Pongsakkanik has brought NAD+ into the service as the latest innovation. that does not stop at just taking care of the youthfulness of the skin and shape that looks good But also includes taking care of the body to be strong and healthy as well.

For more information about NAD+ Cell Therapy, click! >> Treatment NAD+

It's complete with the unceasing dedication of Pongsak Clinic that imports beauty innovations to take care of you the best. Always update beauty trends and new tools. Interested in taking care of yourself with any innovation? Any skin problems Or want to take care of the shape, reduce the proportion, consult a doctor for free! at Pongsak Clinic, both online channels and in front of all branches Pongsak Clinic is happy to serve you.

Pongsak Clinic has been open for service for more than 30 years, with branches covering both Bangkok, the city center and other provinces. More importantly, have experience in lifting and tightening. Confirmed with 1st place award for 5 consecutive years

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