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Getting older, besides the skin does not lift and tighten as before Have you ever noticed? Around the eyes still look tired. sagging eyelids bags under the eyes The skin under the eyes is dull and not bright. And wrinkles of age more and more clearly these are indicators of age. that if it could be avoided, no one would want to

Eye Cream therefore being recruited to resist problems around the eyes but year after year eye cream and nourish the skin around the eyes But the problem of wrinkles around the eyes did not alleviate at all.

Until recently, the medical community has been innovative. Thermage EYES to help tighten and reduce wrinkles around the eyes It is a way for everyone to return to have youthful skin around the eyes again. without surgery So what is Thermageta? How does it work? Is it safe? There is already an answer in this article.

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Clause 1 What is Thermage EYES?

answer : Thermage EYE or Thermageta is a new innovation which is the only innovation that helps tighten sagging eyelid skin and alsoHelps reduce wrinkles, crow's feet, reduce bags under the eyes and gently reduce dark circles around the eyes.and see results from the first time The result is more powerful than applying Eye Cream for years.

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Article 2 Working principle of Thermage EYES How is it? 

answer : The Thermage EYE uses a frequency technology known as Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency (CRF). Send heat and vibration energy to recover collagen and tighten the dermis layer or dermis layer and subcutaneous fat layer. Reduce excess eyelid fat The skin around the eyes is firmer and smoother. The Thermage EYE is a tool imported and received US-FDA standards from the United States. that can tighten the skin around the eyes and effectively stimulate the production of collagen in the skin There is a research work to support

*** Pongsak Clinic uses genuine Thermage equipment with standards that can be checked ***


Item 3 Thermage EYES is different from Thermage Face and Thermage Body how? 

Answer: Thermage EYE uses the same device as Thermage FLX Face and Thermage Body but useThermage EYE's unique head (green head) is only 0.25 cm. designedTo be suitable for tightening the skin around the eyes which is a particularly small area


Item 4 How does Thermage EYES protect the eyes? 

answer : The Thermage EYE eyeshield thermage To protect and keep your eyes safe along with a real-time display screen that scans the right energy into the skin Makes it possible to see the energy during the shot-to-shot treatment, ensuring safety and protecting the eyes see results exactly and at Pongsak Clinic by experienced doctors There is a training to increase skills and knowledge in making Thermage To update new knowledge techniques regularly


Article 5 Thermage EYES fits who? 

Answer: Thermage EYE is suitable for people aged 30 years and over or those with various problems. around these eyes

sagging eyelid skin

 There is a lot of fat around the eyelids. causing the eyelids to obscure the vision of the eyes

Droopy eyelids are excess tissue around the eyes.

wrinkles around the eyes or crow's feet

have bags under the eyes

Under the eyes are dull and not bright.

Want to tighten the skin around the eyes without surgery no scar and do not need to recuperate

want to increase the physiognomy of the eyes to be bright, glowing, look younger

Apply Eye cream orSolve problems around the eyes by other methods with little or no effect.

***Interested in doing Thermage EYE, consult a doctor to design a treatment and outcome that is right for you***


Article 6 Results after doing Thermage EYES How is it? 

answer : After doing Thermage EYE, the result is immediately visible, approximately 20%. is the eyes that have been lifted up The tired eyes brightened up. Wrinkles and bags under the eyes are reduced. Then when done 1-3 months will see the result of firmer skin more clearly. because it stimulates the creation and strengthening of collagen in the skin layer byThe results of the changes are:

 The sagging skin of the eyelids is lifted.

Eyes look bigger and younger.

The skin around the eyes is smoother and firmer.

Wrinkles around the eyes and crow's feet are diminished.

Wrinkles under the eyes and bags under the eyes are diminished.

Improved dark circles under eyes

eyes look brightDoesn't look tired like before

Brighter and brighter eyes

put on makeupEasier to apply eye makeup

***Results after Thermage EYE can last 1-1.5 years after treatment (depending on the individual)***


Item 7 How long does Thermage EYE take and what are the procedures? 

Answer: Thermage EYE on both sides takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour with the following steps:

1) The staff cleans the skin around the eyes.

2) The doctor drops anesthetic.

3) The doctor puts on the gel and puts on an eye shield for you.

4) The doctor starts the treatment with Thermage EYE. While doing it, you will feel a warm sensation in your eyes.

5) The doctor has completed the treatment. staff cleaning the skin around the eyes

6) The doctor puts artificial tears on you. to add moisture


No. 8 Additional advice after Thermage EYE? 

Answer: After Thermage EYE

– Some people may have red eyes or feel some eye irritation. which will improve in 1-2 hours

– In the first 1-2 hours, you should rest your eyes, refrain from staring at various screens and refrain from driving.

– After the first 1 day, refrain from eye makeup and refrain from wearing contact lenses.

– After the first 3-4 days, apply all the artificial tears that the clinic has prepared. to add moisture to the eyes

***If there is any abnormality or doubt, consult a doctor***

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Don't let the wrinkles around your eyes take away the radiance from your life.

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