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Vitamin helps to take care of beauty and revitalize the skin to be bright with aura.

In an era of urgency, urgency and speed are the refuge of life. beauty or self care as well Many people want to change themselves to be beautiful instantly, good skin in just a blink of an eye. There's no time to wait for good eating, drinking lots of water, exercising, or getting enough sleep to show results. Which the beauty care institute today is able to meet these needs exactly, such as adding vitamins that are rich in nutrients necessary for beauty and skin care into blood vessels Make your skin healthy with an instant aura.

What is a vitamin?

Vitamins are essential nutrients for the body. which the body does not have and cannot create vitamins by itself The body receives vitamins from food eaten such as vegetables, fruits or supplements. but can be absorbed for use in relatively low amounts And taking vitamins in the form of supplements at a certain point in which the body can accept The excess will be excreted by the body. The introduction of drugs or vitamins into the skin through blood vessels therefore results more clearly. Because while vitamins enter the body through blood vessels Vitamins can be distributed and acted evenly. Changes in the skin can be seen immediately throughout the body, for example, the face looks brighter. The face is not dull, the scars heal faster. 

There are many types of vitamins that are rich in beauty benefits, for example:

Vitamin C Has anti-aging properties Give moisture to the skin. Stimulate the skin to create collagen. Repair damaged skin cells strengthens cell walls, scars heal faster Inhibits the enzymes that produce skin pigments, making the skin clearer. Protect your skin from UV rays to whiten your skin. boost the body's immunity and help prolong the skin to look bright and youthful

Vitamin E It is a skin nourishing vitamin that plays an important role in helping to slow down the aging of the skin. Effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines reduce dryness Provides moisture to the skin to maintain its natural moisture. Adjust the condition of the skin to be smooth, soft, hydrated, helping to protect the skin from the damage of free radicals. Until being dubbed as 'Superstar' in skin care protection

Vitamin A Vitamin A 'Retinoids' or Vitamin A Acids for anti aging reduce dark spots Reduce the roughness of the skin to return to smooth and soft. which sees results quickly within 4-8 weeks

Giving vitamins to the skin in the science of beauty

In addition to dietary supplements and beauty products, various formulas which bring these valuable vitamins as components Nowadays, beauty institutes are also able to bring vitamins directly into the skin to provide the full benefit of nourishing the skin to the body. by bringing vitamins into the body through blood vessels in order for the body to use those vitamins immediately The skin was beautiful and bright all over the body. and when combined with taking good care of yourself both eating useful food exercise regularly and get enough sleep Double your beauty, handsome, good-looking, it's yours until everyone has to say it.

However, safe introduction of vitamins into the body through blood vessels Treatment procedures must be performed by a trusted and licensed medical professional only. 

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